XS-MPP Melamine Polyphosphate Series

Melamine Polyphosphate (MPP) is a highly efficient nitrogen-phosphorus intumescent flame retardant. The product has the advantages of high thermal stability, low water solubility, no precipitation, and excellent flame retardant properties. This product can be used for flame retardant modification/post-treatment of high temperature nylon, glass fiber reinforced nylon 6/nylon 66/PBT, polyurethane and fiber fabrics. It can also be used in combination with other materials to obtain better flame retardant effect.

  • Molecular formula: HO(C3H7N6PO3)nH

  • CAS number: 218768-84-4

Additional Information
ProjectTest results
ExteriorWhite powder
N content (%)42.0~44.0
P content (%)12.0~14.0
Moisture (%)≤0.5
1% suspension pH4.0~6.0
Solubility (20℃)  (g/L H20)≤0.05
1% decomposition temperature (℃, N2 atmosphere)>320