Quality Assurance

Provide reliable and environmentally friendly flame retardant products for electronic and electrical, auto parts, high-speed rail parts, building materials, leather and textile industries
  • Raw material control

    It has established strategic cooperative relations with well-known large-scale raw material manufacturers, and continuously and steadily provides us with high-quality and high-purity raw materials, ensuring the stability of our product quality.

  • Production process control

    The refined management of the five major links of the human-machine-material method, the automatic upgrade of equipment and the continuous process monitoring ensure that the product quality is not affected by special reasons.

  • Quality inspection

    From raw material inspection, regular sampling inspection in production process, finished product warehousing inspection and periodic inspection of inventory products, our products have been under strict quality control to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

  • Warehousing logistics control

    Warehouse and logistics management is also an important part of quality assurance. Strict storage environment control and the principle of first-in-first-out keep the products in the warehouse in good condition. Strict control of packaging, transportation and other links ensures that the logistics process is foolproof.