Textile Leather

Textile Leather

Textile fabrics are everywhere in our daily lives, adorning curtains, couches, tents, and various cushioned furniture items. These applications often require the use of flame retardants. Moreover, specialized textiles such as firefighters' clothing, military uniforms, and field tents demand even higher flame-retardant performance in their layers. Additionally, leather products, which are widely used in our daily lives, often require flame-retardant coatings to meet safety standards.

  • Carpet

  • Textile coating - sofa release coating


Sand Release
Sand Release

Fabric coating

Industry: Textile Coatings

Product name: sofa

Main raw material: PU slurry

Forming process: coating machine blade coating

Flame Retardant: Ammonium Polyphosphate APP040-15/200A

Adding amount: 20%

Flame retardant standard: BS5455, BS5852, etc.


PP spun thick yarn

Industry: Carpet

Product Name: Carpet

Main raw material: polypropylene (PP)

Forming process: granulation, wire drawing

Flame retardant: halogen-free compound flame retardant XS-FR-8850F

Adding amount: 8%

Flame retardant standard: extinguished from fire