The customer's request is always "right", but it is not necessarily correct. If the customer cannot be satisfied now, it is just that we have not found a better solution, or we have not understood the real needs of the customer, but we will not easily give up an opportunity to serve a customer;

To provide value to customers in order to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship;

Only by turning yourself into a friend and confidant of customers can you truly capture the hearts of customers. Caring about the client's personal and family, do our best to solve the problem for the client, especially the difficulties encountered in their life.

  • Spirit

    Courage, Confidence, Tenacity, Innovation

  • Style

    Serious, fast and trustworthy

  • Serve

    Caring, patient, professional, thoughtful

  • Company Vision
    Company Vision

    Become a leading company in the halogen-free flame retardant industry, and be listed in 2022

  • Company Mission
    Company Mission

    People's life and property safety and environmental protection are the value of our existence and the cause we stick to

  • Company Belief
    Company Belief

    Quality is the bottom line of the brand, service is the front line of the brand, the bottom line cannot be broken, and the front line must be without me

  • Talent Concept
    Talent Concept

    Possessing both ability and political integrity, putting morality first, appointing people on their merits, and employing people's strengths