Building Materials

Building Materials

In response to increasingly stringent building fire safety regulations, the flame-retardant performance of building materials has required as a characteristic feature. Building materials with effective flame-retardant capabilities are imperative in minimizing the occurrence of building fires, thereby reducing casualties and property damage caused by such incidents.

  • Protective net

    Fire retardant coating

    Fireproof board

    Fireproof pipe

  • Wall mesh

    Architectural membrane structure

    Facade insulation board


Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Industry: Paint Coatings

Product name: powder coating

Main raw material: unsaturated resin

Forming process: spraying

Flame retardant scheme: unsaturated resin + filler + EP-7 (20%), 2.0mm V0

Farm Leaking Manure Board
Farm Leaking Manure Board

Industry: Aquaculture

Product name: Farm leaking manure board

Main raw material: PP

Molding process: Injection molding

Flame retardant scheme: C0-PP+5%POE+8340(25%), 1.6mm V0 natural color or color matching

Aluminum Alloy Door And Window Sealing Strip
Aluminum Alloy Door And Window Sealing Strip

Industry: Building Materials

Product name: Aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip

Main raw material: Silicone

Forming process: Extrusion

Flame retardant solution: Silica gel + APPII-200 (25%), 1.6mm V0 + color powder

Spray Tower Piping
Spray Tower Piping

Industry: Sprinkler Towers

Product name: spray tower pipe

Main raw material: polypropylene (PP)

Forming process: extrusion

Flame retardant: halogen-free compound flame retardant XS-FR-8802

Flame retardant: add 2%

Flame retardant standard: 3.2mm thick UL94-V2

Silicone Glass Sealant
Silicone Glass Sealant

Industry: Adhesives

Product Name: Silicone Glass Sealant

Main raw material: Silicone

Flame retardant: melamine cyanurate XS-MC-151

Adding amount: 30-40%

Flame retardant standard UL94-V0, GB/T8626-B1