Building Materials

Building Materials

Building fire safety requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and the flame retardant performance of building materials is an important characteristic requirement. Building materials with flame retardant functions can reduce the chance of building fires and reduce casualties and property damage caused by fires.

  • Protective net

    Fire retardant coating

    Fireproof board

    Fireproof pipe

  • Wall mesh

    Architectural membrane structure

    Facade insulation board


Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Industry: Paint Coatings

Product name: powder coating

Main raw material: unsaturated resin

Forming process: spraying

Flame retardant scheme: unsaturated resin + filler + EP-7 (20%), 2.0mm V0

Farm Leaking Manure Board
Farm Leaking Manure Board

Industry: Aquaculture

Product name: Farm leaking manure board

Main raw material: PP

Molding process: Injection molding

Flame retardant scheme: C0-PP+5%POE+8340(25%), 1.6mm V0 natural color or color matching

Aluminum Alloy Door And Window Sealing Strip
Aluminum Alloy Door And Window Sealing Strip

Industry: Building Materials

Product name: Aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip

Main raw material: Silicone

Forming process: Extrusion

Flame retardant solution: Silica gel + APPII-200 (25%), 1.6mm V0 + color powder

Spray Tower Piping
Spray Tower Piping

Industry: Sprinkler Towers

Product name: spray tower pipe

Main raw material: polypropylene (PP)

Forming process: extrusion

Flame retardant: halogen-free compound flame retardant XS-FR-8802

Flame retardant: add 2%

Flame retardant standard: 3.2mm thick UL94-V2

Silicone Glass Sealant
Silicone Glass Sealant

Industry: Adhesives

Product Name: Silicone Glass Sealant

Main raw material: Silicone

Flame retardant: melamine cyanurate XS-MC-151

Adding amount: 30-40%

Flame retardant standard UL94-V0, GB/T8626-B1