XS-FR-C308 Composite Flame Retardant For Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

XS-FR-C308 is a nitrogen-phosphorus composite, low-smoke expansion flame retardant. This product is a nitrogen-phosphorus macromolecular structure. After adding this product, the polyester adhesive coating will be on the coating surface during thermal cracking or burning. The foam expands to form a porous carbon layer, which acts as heat insulation, oxygen barrier and flame retardant, and can accelerate the heat transfer by the molten droplets. When the flame retardant decomposes, it can also generate a large amount of non-combustible gas, which dilutes the oxygen concentration around the combustion object.

XS-FR-C308 also has excellent thermal stability and processing performance, and is an ideal and efficient environment-friendly flame retardant.

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Product and usage characteristics


Characteristic value



White powder

Nitrogen content



Water content



Relative density



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Average particle size (D50)


4 ~ 5