In halogen flame retardants or halogen-containing organic polymer systems, Sb2O3 is mostly used as a flame retardant synergist. With the shortage of antimony resources and the rising cost, the price of Sb2O3 is becoming more and more expensive. The company's XS-ATO-TPA is a new product independently developed by chemical modification of environmentally friendly organic and inorganic substances. It is produced through strict selection of materials, advanced production equipment and sophisticated technology. It is mixed with halogen flame retardants. It has high-efficiency synergistic effect, can replace antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) in the same amount, has good dispersibility in plastics, and has good effects on the flame retardancy and physical properties of the material. Processability does not have any negative effects, and it can also significantly reduce the amount of smoke emitted by the product. XS-ATO-TPA replaces the antimony-based flame retardant synergist of Sb2O3 and is used in PVC products, which not only saves Sb2 The dosage of O3 reduces the introduction of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury in antimony. RoHS compliant.

Additional Information
ProjectUnitTechnical indicators
Exterior----White powder
Active substance content%≥99.5
Sb2O3 content%≥50
Zn compound%≥15
Mg compound%≥5
free water%≤0.5
The average particle sizeD50(um)2 to 4