After the fire, experts at the scene found that many casualties were not burned but smoked to death. Therefore, new requirements are put forward for many current flame retardant materials, not only flame retardant but also low smoke. However, the current halogen-containing flame retardants or halogen-containing polymer flame retardant materials all generate a large amount of smoke during the combustion and degradation process. Then smoking cessation has become imperative.

The XS-XYJ series of environmentally friendly flame retardant and smoke suppressant independently developed by our company in response to market demand, this product is chemically modified from inorganic substances, and produced through strict selection of materials, advanced production equipment and sophisticated technology. It can effectively reduce smoke density when used in rigid and soft PVC materials, and has good dispersibility in plastics, without any negative impact on the material's flame retardancy, physical properties and processability. When used in PVC products, it not only reduces the amount of smoke released, but also meets the requirements of RoHS.

Additional Information
Exterior----White powderWhite powderwhite gray powderwhite gray powder
Active substance content%≥99.5≥99.5≥99.5≥99.5
Free water%≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5
The average particle sizeD50(um)3 to 53 to 5~123~5
Added amount%10~1510~152~510~15